MONTEGO BAY, St James – Ketoria Aransevia is an expert in adding layers to get a desired outcome.

Her skillsets not only involve the ability to transfigure, but to also transmogrify.

For this multi-hyphenate, her personal journey of brand-building and development is one pillared on improving and refining her artistic skills.

Aransevia, who is an aesthetician, make-up artist, piercer, and skilled in body art/painting, is also an interior designer with a passion for building technology and architecture.

“I was 21 years old when I started professionally. At that time, I rented a single station as a nail technician. A year later, I purchased the business from the owners, fast-forward, and we have Payeton’s Place of Beauty,” she told the Jamaica Observer West.

“What stood out for me though was the reaction and encouragement from clients and the impact I had, and continue to have, on people’s lives while interacting with them at my station. Clients would admire my drive and encourage me to continue to be a role model. They would commend me on how passionate I was about my work. The desire to create an environment where I could do more to make people feel great about themselves was growing also.”

She said pretty soon she realised that she wasn’t just catering to her clients’ physical needs, but also their emotional needs.

“The business is a place for beauty, so the environment is friendly and somewhat personal and intimate. My role as a beautician, at times, encompasses roles of that of a counsellor, motivator and at times, just a shoulder to cry on. My clients would say ‘the chairs are therapy chairs’,” said Aransevia.

“Being able to adjust to every single character to ensure that everyone is comfortable, is my biggest challenge, but over the years with growth, exposure, experience and improvement, it has now become an ingredient to my success.”

A native of Montego Bay and a past student of Herbert Morrison Technical High School, the 33-year-old Aransevia describes herself as disciplined and calculated, especially in her approach to business.

“I realise the importance of the role I play in my clients’ lives and as such, I ensure that an ethos of my business would be proper business management, great customer service, sanitary environment, great ambiance, and exceptional service, backed by always improving, retooling and acquiring new knowledge,” she argued.

Aransevia is also a mother, and through effective time management, she is able to meet the demands of motherhood, and the expectations of her clients.

“Being able to balance being a single mom and an entrepreneur is a task I have to be calculated about. I have to know when my daughter needs me most and when the business demands me most, and with that, I am able to manage my time effectively. My daughter is now getting more interested and involved in the business which makes it easier for me. She now understands when I have to travel or work late, and with that support, it makes my life much more manageable,” she explained.

Aransevia’s journey has taken her to several unexpected avenues.

Trained in the United States in special effects make-up for movies, her skills have been utilised by international companies and local businesses, especially for TV commercials.

“My projects at times see me travelling overseas and working with many companies. This has been a great achievement for me, because I was given the opportunity to exhibit my talent, and this has led to the opening of a lot of doors. These projects presented challenges that really tested my artistic skills, but they also brought about an introduction to other great opportunities,” she said.

“Another experience I was thrilled about was the chance to recreate the characters of the Black Panther movie through body paint and costumes for the premier in Montego Bay, held at the Palace Multiplex. Opportunities like these are special, as I get to really pull on my training and expertise.”

She explained that her main goal is to create a brand that will not only be successful financially, but also relevant and in demand for years to come.

“I can feel it taking shape, as we are in the process of expanding, as our clientele is growing. Their comfort and satisfaction will always be foremost in our development though. There’s no limit or time frame to be successful. My mantra is to always be prepared, so if a good opportunity presents itself, be ready to take it. I believe in being disciplined and self-motivated. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so always give it your best shot,” she argued.

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